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Het vonnis

Het vonnis (2013)

The life of Luc Segers (Koen De Bouw) runs smoothly. He lives in a beautiful house with his wife Ella and their little daughter Anna, and will be soon appointed CEO of a logistics company. When the family Segers returns home after a company party, and Luc stops on the way to refuel, disaster strikes. Ella Segers is beaten to death by a mugger, and by a bizarre coincidence is also Anna Segers killed. Luc Segers manages to survive, but only hears what happened when he awakens from a coma three weeks later. Luc is able to identify the robber. He takes an expensive lawyer, and trusts that justice will prevail. Due to a procedural error, the state magistrate court sets the mugger on the streets again within days. Devastated by the news he turns deaf ears to the reasonings of his lawyer. He can not live with the rule that has wronged him, and decides to take the law into his own hands. He finds out the whereabouts of the robber, and shoots him. Luc Segers will be taken into custody. There begins a lawsuit , which the media takes care to inflame. Public opinion is especially sympathetic to Segers. However, the Attorney General does everything to get Segers convicted. Against the better opinion of his lawyer, Segers decides to follow a risky strategy by which he admittedly runs a high risk of life imprisonment, but there is also a minimal chance of acquittal. Segers sees that by attaining his objective, it will provide the ultimate chance at revenge on the Belgian criminal proceedings, which has left him, as many others, deprived of justice. The revenge he gets, and Luc Segers is a free man again. But a free man with the knowledge that he will never be set free from his memories and guilt.

Duration: 111 min

Quality: HD